Sell Your Smarts Masterclass
Your first step towards turning your wisdom into wealth!

Get instant access to my Sell Your Smarts Masterclass to learn a tried-and-true method to build your own thriving online education business (even if you're starting from scratch).

This training is perfect for you if you've worked in the same industry for years and you want to grow your income BUT stop selling time!

I’ve used this Sell Your Smarts strategy to build a thriving online education business that funds my family's lifestyle and I get to earn a lucrative living from teaching people—improving their lives!

It's not just me. I've watched hundreds of people succeed using the strategy I teach in this Sell Your Smarts Masterclass:

  • Michelle Gifford earned $2,646 in automatic monthly money in 1 week
  • Dustin Riechmann built a $500K/year business in 1 year.
  • Michael Hyatt built a $15+ million business using this strategy too.

In the past, this training was limited to coaching clients who paid me $10K+ (and it’s still required “Start Here” training for any client I work with) but you can get this training for just $100 today!
"The Sell Your Smarts Masterclass was a great solution, with John spending time explaining and then answering all our questionsI walked away with several things notably:
1. With wisdom, you can share insight.
2. The gateway flywheel concept and the whole finding outline.
3. To focus on selling the cure, not the medicine.

I now feel more informed and sure that this approach is the way forward for my business and clients."
Paul Copcutt
Masterclass Graduate
Here's what you'll learn inside:
  • How to create digital products that let you earn more while working less
  • How to identify your target customer and create a "Core Promise" that sells
  • How to earn a six figure income from 1 product (no audience required)
  • How to develop a "Useful Product Portfolio" to build sales with superfans
  • How to create a product that grows your customer list for you on autopilot
  • How to hire a team as you grow without worrying about payroll ever again
  • How to build a healthy customer base who will happily pay you to learn

Exactly what you'll get:

1) On-demand Masterclass Access. Watch this 90-minute training on your own schedule, with lifetime access. Learn how to turn your real-world experience into digital products (like courses) that fund your lifestyle!

2) The Sell Your Smarts Playbook. Use this plug-n-play Notion template to build your personalized 1-page business plan for a thriving online education business that leverages your unique passions and experiences to earn.

Building an online education business changed my life, and I want you to experience the same joy I do when I wake up to SWISS dollars—the term my friend Dan Miller coined for "Sales While I Sleep Soundly" (a very special kind).
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Sell Your Smarts Masterclass

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is this live or recorded?
    Recorded. I taught the Sell Your Smarts Masterclass live once, and the audience questions are included in the recording because we covered a lot of useful content I might have otherwise left out.
  • How is this different from your other programs?
    This Sell Your Smarts Masterclass is now required training for anyone who joins Group Coach Bootcamp or my 6-Figure Flagship Accelerator (and included in both). It’s foundational to what I teach.
  • What's On-demand Coaching?
    I use ClarityFlow to give you a private 1-on-1 coaching conversation where you can send video, audio, or text messages to get personalized coaching to apply what you learn. Normally this is $500 per month, but if you include this optional add-on today you get two months of coaching (plus the Sell Your Smarts Masterclass) for the price of one.
  • Am I a good fit for this training? Will it be useful for me?
    Have you spent multiple years earning income in your industry in a service-based business or job? Do you love helping people and teaching from your experience? Are you craving a more flexible work life without any ceiling on your earning potential? Then you’re a good fit
  • You didn't answer my question
    Sorry about that, please email with your question.

"If you want to understand how the online world works, John Meese is your go-to! This Masterclass will give you quick and succinct strategies and tools on how to grow your own profitable online business. You’ll come out with things you can immediately implement as well as a better understanding of how the online world operates. If you’re looking to reach more people with your message, this is the best place to be!"

Tracy Graham
Masterclass Graduate